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Sanchare' was talented enough to receive The Presidential award for a consecutive period of 3 years. Without Ur helping hands i don't think v must have not succeeded the dream. Thanks you very much for making sanchare the No 1 programme.
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Ballooning Sri Lanka @ Dambulla

lights typically depart shortly after sunrise as this is when the air is cool and winds are calm. Hot Air Balloon Flights are very weather permitting and require good visibility and low wind speeds.

Preplanning is necessary since flights average about an hour or so and the whole excursion is upto about 3 ½ hours from the time of pick up to the time you are dropped back at your hotel, pre-planning pays off. There are no bathrooms aboard the balloon.

The main components of a hot air balloon are the envelope (balloon), fuel system, and gondola (basket). Most envelopes are made from ripstop nylon which is similar to the material for parachutes. One difference is that the ripstop is coated inside to contain the hot air. It is open at the bottom to receive the heating flame and have a deflation port, a large opening at the top that allows the hot air to escape during landing.
The fuel system is composed of the heater, which burns propane to heat the air in the envelope, fuel tanks, which are carried in the basket; and hoses, which connect the two. The basket is constructed of wickerwork rattan and is connected to the envelope by cables. The flexibility has great absorption level and is comfortable for the guests during landing.

Instruments used in a hot air balloon are the altimeter measures height above sea level, the pyrometer measures the temperature at the top of the balloon's envelope and of course the compass tells which direction you are heading.

 Safety is absolute. In order to fly paying passengers a Pilot must have a Commercial Licence and validated in the country he flies by the Civil Aviation Authority of the respective country.

A balloon used for carrying passengers must have a standard-type certification. Every balloon must be inspected annually by an authorized Inspector. Balloons that carry passengers for hire have even more rigorous maintenance requirements.

·         Commercial / Instructor rated - Pilots
·         Certified and Registered Balloons
·         Certified annual maintenance Inspections
·         Full commercial liability insurance.
Our Insurers are Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation.

The passenger capacity varies from the sizes of balloons, which is based more on weight and temperature than the number of passengers. Our balloons can carry up to 24 passengers per flight per day.

Dress casually and comfortably for the weather, it is a little warmer while the sun is out. We also recommend closed toe shoes to opened toe or high heeled shoes as we want to protect your feet just as much as the rest of you. A hat or cap to protect you from the heat.
From Ballooning @ DambullaWe encourage families to participate in Hot Air Ballooning, however there are issues to consider before deciding to take your children. The sides of the basket are approximately 4’ high, therefore, children who are not as tall will not enjoy the beautiful views and may get irritated. Adults are not permitted to hold or carry children during a flight and a child under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Another fact to consider is, the burners directly above. We've found that very young children, are often frightened by the noise of the burner. Because of these reasons and past experience, children under the age of 7 are not permitted to take the flight.

Pregnant mothers and guests taking medications must consult their physician before flying in a Hot Air Balloon.

You are most welcomed to bring in your still or video cameras aboard to take as much memorable pictures and videos to last a lifetime of your memorable sky safari over beautiful Sri Lanka !!

We normally reach between 500 and 2,500 feet high - and where allowed.

Where the hot air balloon flies is always in the direction of the wind and no two flights are the same.

After your flight, we'll present you with a personalized certificate signed by your pilot.

Many people who have a fear of heights or were just anxious about flying have realized, it is not what they were expecting, there is no rocking or turbulence like on a plane. Why don't you give it a try and have a new experience.

The landing ! Wish we had an answer for you on that one, but we don't! This is really a part of the excitement and adventure of ballooning! We might land in a large field or even someone's front yard !

The direction of the Hot Air Balloon cannot be controlled by steering as it travels only with the wind and at the speed of the wind. There are usually different wind directions at different altitudes, and by seeking out different wind currents a pilot can maneuver his balloon in several directions.

For safety reasons, balloonists generally prefer for the winds to be less than 10 mph and the clouds to be at least 2000' above the ground.

Flying distance depends on the winds. Since we fly with the winds, if the wind is 2 mph, we will fly about 2 miles. If the wind is 8 mph, we will fly closer to 8 miles. You get the picture.

After the landing, we go nowhere until our crew shows up to get us. Balloon chasing is a fun challenge and hopefully the chase will be there waiting for us, or will arrive shortly after we land to take you back to your place of pick up and to pack up the balloon. Your vehicle could also join in the fun with our chase team, if you wish!
After each flight we commemorate the adventure with a Champagne Celebration.

Before a  flight takes off the Pilot will brief you on safety once all of you are in the basket, all instructions must be adhered to accordingly.   

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A part of the Auradhapura District, Thantirimale spreads over 366 of the Mahavilachchiya Divisional Secretariat consisting of, Dematamagoda, Nelumvila, Sandamaleliya, Thuppitiyawa, Navodagama, mahaahatuwawa and Oyamaduwa Grama Niladhari Divisions.
This historical valley where the Malwatu Oya crosses the Kandara Oya, is bordered by the Malwatu Oy to the North and East,
Wilpattu National Wildlife Sanctuary to the West, and the Mahawilachchiya Main Road to the South.

Ways to rteach Thanthirimale.

01. Travel along the Anuradhapura Mahawilachchiya road, 18 kilometers, and turn right to the Sri Wimalagnana Road, 18 km ahead is 
the Thantirimale Raja Maha Viharaya.

02. Travel along the Mannarama road from the Madawachchiya town, 18 km, from the area known as Gajasinghepura and turn left and 
travel 12 km. The Thantirimale Rajamaha Viharaya could be reached this way too. 

How the name Thanthirimale was formed.

During the time of King Devanampiyatissa , this area has been known as Thivanka Bamunugama. It is beleived that the Kings son, and 
his wife from a lower stratum of society had been banished by the King to this area and later forgiven them. Since the king's gift,
a golden necklace int he shape of a butterfly known as Thanthiri had been buried here, te place is known as Thanthirimale, according
From Thanthirimale
to one story.  Another thery is that the name is an offshoot of Thangethirimale, which refers to the place where the people
accompanying the Sri Maha Bodhi had rested, in Tamil.  

The places of worship at Thanthirimale.
Ashtapala Bodhinwahanse.

An Ashtapala Bodhiwahanse, a shoot of the Sri Maha Bodhiya, from the first eight shoots is situatd on the top of a stone surface 
250 acres in extent. It is also believed that the people accomying the Sri Maha Bidhiya had rested here for a day.

Samadhi Buddha Statue.

On the right side of the Bidhiya is an eight foot high Samadhi Buddha Statue. On either sid eof the statue, two gods are present.
Behind the statue is a Makara thorana, or Dragon pandol. It is supported by two lion- figues. On the northern slope of the stone
on which the Bidhiya is situated, a special sleeping Buddha statue is sculpted on the stone. On the eastern side of the stone, near
the beautiful Nelum pond, a stone surface, on which a square monument is buiilt. This is the Pothgula.

Also, ancient cave paintings are present at Thanthirimale, which are more than 4000 years old, according to Professor Senerath

Paranavithana. After the renovations in 1960, a beautiful Cheiththiya and Vihara ge have been built. 

The priest who came formward to renovate this site in 1960, was Wimalakeerthi Sri Sumana Kudakongaskada Wimalagnana thero.
After the priest was killed in a terrorist attack in 1992, Thanthirimale Chandrarathne thero presently acts as the Cheif priest of the 


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