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A part of the Auradhapura District, Thantirimale spreads over 366 of the Mahavilachchiya Divisional Secretariat consisting of, Dematamagoda, Nelumvila, Sandamaleliya, Thuppitiyawa, Navodagama, mahaahatuwawa and Oyamaduwa Grama Niladhari Divisions.
This historical valley where the Malwatu Oya crosses the Kandara Oya, is bordered by the Malwatu Oy to the North and East,
Wilpattu National Wildlife Sanctuary to the West, and the Mahawilachchiya Main Road to the South.

Ways to rteach Thanthirimale.

01. Travel along the Anuradhapura Mahawilachchiya road, 18 kilometers, and turn right to the Sri Wimalagnana Road, 18 km ahead is 
the Thantirimale Raja Maha Viharaya.

02. Travel along the Mannarama road from the Madawachchiya town, 18 km, from the area known as Gajasinghepura and turn left and 
travel 12 km. The Thantirimale Rajamaha Viharaya could be reached this way too. 

How the name Thanthirimale was formed.

During the time of King Devanampiyatissa , this area has been known as Thivanka Bamunugama. It is beleived that the Kings son, and 
his wife from a lower stratum of society had been banished by the King to this area and later forgiven them. Since the king's gift,
a golden necklace int he shape of a butterfly known as Thanthiri had been buried here, te place is known as Thanthirimale, according
From Thanthirimale
to one story.  Another thery is that the name is an offshoot of Thangethirimale, which refers to the place where the people
accompanying the Sri Maha Bodhi had rested, in Tamil.  

The places of worship at Thanthirimale.
Ashtapala Bodhinwahanse.

An Ashtapala Bodhiwahanse, a shoot of the Sri Maha Bodhiya, from the first eight shoots is situatd on the top of a stone surface 
250 acres in extent. It is also believed that the people accomying the Sri Maha Bidhiya had rested here for a day.

Samadhi Buddha Statue.

On the right side of the Bidhiya is an eight foot high Samadhi Buddha Statue. On either sid eof the statue, two gods are present.
Behind the statue is a Makara thorana, or Dragon pandol. It is supported by two lion- figues. On the northern slope of the stone
on which the Bidhiya is situated, a special sleeping Buddha statue is sculpted on the stone. On the eastern side of the stone, near
the beautiful Nelum pond, a stone surface, on which a square monument is buiilt. This is the Pothgula.

Also, ancient cave paintings are present at Thanthirimale, which are more than 4000 years old, according to Professor Senerath

Paranavithana. After the renovations in 1960, a beautiful Cheiththiya and Vihara ge have been built. 

The priest who came formward to renovate this site in 1960, was Wimalakeerthi Sri Sumana Kudakongaskada Wimalagnana thero.
After the priest was killed in a terrorist attack in 1992, Thanthirimale Chandrarathne thero presently acts as the Cheif priest of the 


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