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Sanchare' was talented enough to receive The Presidential award for a consecutive period of 3 years. Without Ur helping hands i don't think v must have not succeeded the dream. Thanks you very much for making sanchare the No 1 programme.
- Nade Gura & D Nade -

wwf-Water is too precious to be wastesd

Have you ever thought of anything that we must preserve in a way that a mother protects her child. May be not. But there is one thing that should be preserved in such a way. That is water.

According to scientific revelations life on earth was begun and it is survived due to water. At the very first moment the water completely evaporates from the earth that will be the beginning of end of all the living beings on earth including human kind. That is why it is important to preserve water from wastage.

According to recent researches the fresh water resources that remain on earth are not adequate for the usage of living beings. In accordance with, 97% of the water on the earth is unusable sea water. 2% of the 3% left are there as ice bergs in northern and southern poles. Therefore the usable fresh water on the earth is less than 1 %( 0.3%).

The trouble of not having sufficient fresh water resources have worsened as the remaining sources have not spreaded throughout the world equally. According to expertise a third world war may occur due to the particular matter. In the recent past there have been a few occasions in which people have struggled over the usage of fresh water. That's why it is said the value of water has arisen immensely over the value of crude oil.

The pollution of fresh water resources has worsened the trouble even more.

On 22nd of April we celebrated the World Earth Day. To protect the human kind as well as the life on earth it is important to preserve water on it

Horton Plains(Maha Eliya) National Park (හෝටන් තැන්න)

Horton Plains National Park (හෝටන් තැන්න), "Maha-Eliya" in Sinhala, is a national park in the highlands of Sri Lanka. It lies at a height of more than 2000 m in the central highlands, and its altitude means that it has a much cooler and more windy climate than the lowlands of Sri Lanka, with a mean annual temperature of 16 °C rather than the 26 °C of the coastsIf someone asked you the question where can be considered as the heart of Sri Lanka your answer must be Horton plains. Because it is the most important piece of land in Sri Lanka as it nourishes most of Sri Lanka’s main streams. And it also nourishes Bakers falls, Chimini falls which beautifies Horton plains.
When considering the history of Horton Plains it expands to the era of Rama Rawana. Horton plains are called Maha Eliya also. It is called thus because it is said that there had been a great fire in this area set by Hanumantha. It is also said king Rawana’s Dandu Monaraya (a kind of an air ship) had been halted on mountain Thotupala which situated in Horton plains.
It is considered that the pre historic man of Balangoda also has lived in this area. Through excavations fossils of wheat and rice seeds have been discovered, which proves the fact. The area has been named as Horton plains after the visit of Governor Robert Horton during British governed era.
At the entrance to the Horton plains there is an information centre which provides all necessary details about the place to the tourists. According to the information centre 50% of the things that can be seen in Horton plain are endemic to the area. (Kudarathmala, maharathmala and several spices of lizards and birds are examples)
Pigmy forest, disturbed grassland, grassland, bamboo thicket are the main Eco systems that can be seen in Horton plains. Due to this fact and the higher rate of bio diversity Horton plains has been named as a biological hot spot.
Despite the fact that there are many things to be seen in this beautiful forest in Sri Lanka, most of the visitors only go to see the Worlds End.
You can have a chance to stay a night at any of the 2 bungalows built inside Horton plains. (To reserve these bungalows it is needed to contact the main office in Colombo.)
Nancy a foreign lady who came to Horton plains to produce a TV documentary, once told whenever she felt like ending her life she will come to Horton plains. That was due to its beauty and the endemic nature.
. හෝටන් තැන්න වනාහී දෙස් විදෙස් කාගේත් නෙත් සිත් ආකර්ශනය කළ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ පිහිටි අති සුන්දර භූමියකි.ඉමක් දැකිය නොහැකි ගෝලිය වස්තුවක් වූ මෙය ජෛව විවිධත්වයෙන් මෙන්ම පුරා විද්‍යාත්මක වටිනා කම අතින් ද ඉතා විශේෂ අසිරිමත් වූ ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානයකි.­ලෝකාන්තය සොයා යන ‍කෙනෙකුට අප රටෙ වෙනත් කිසිම පරිසර පද්ධතියක හමු නොවන අපූර්වතම හුදෙකලාවකින් යුත් සුන්දර තැනි තලාවක් හමු වෙයි.මෙම අති සුන්දර ජෛව විවිධත්වයෙන් යුතු වූ සීතල නුවර එළියේ පිහිටි වනෝද්‍යානය වනාහි හෝටන් තැන්නයි.
Horton Plains google map
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Visiting relatives-නැති නෑදෑකමුත් හොයා ගෙන සංචාරේ යන්න.

The first “travels” of our ancient Sinhalese were to go to visit relatives. They enjoyed a lot by these wonderful travels. They renewed, re-energized, strengthened and warmed up bonds of love among relatives.

So, during this Avurudu festive season, visiting relatives’ houses is the best of any travel.
Enjoy it!
නැති නෑදෑකමුත් හොයා ගෙන සංචාරේ යන්න.
අපේ රටේ වගේම ලෝකයේ බොහෝ රටවල්වල සංචාරයේ මූලාරම්භය තමයි නෑගම් යාම.අපිට සිංහල අලුත් අවුරුද්ද තරම් නෑගම් යන්න හේතුවන තවත් කාරණයක් තියෙනවද ?ඉතිං මේ අවුරුද්දේ කොහේ යන්නත් කලින් නැති නෑදෑකමුත් හොයා ගෙන හිතවත්කම් පෝසත් කරගන්න අලුත් නෑයෙක්ගෙ ගෙදෙට්ට සංචාරේ යන්න. ‘නෙත් ඇත්තෝත්’ අලුත් අවුරුද්දට වන්නියේ නෑදෑවරුන් සොයා ගෙන කී‍්‍රඩා භාණ්ඩත් පොදි ගහගෙන වවුනියාවට යනවා.