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Sanchare' was talented enough to receive The Presidential award for a consecutive period of 3 years. Without Ur helping hands i don't think v must have not succeeded the dream. Thanks you very much for making sanchare the No 1 programme.
- Nade Gura & D Nade -

Leisure World Sri Lanka-Kaluaggala

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Conveiniently located in the electrorate of "Seethawaka", leisure world is the 1st ever theme park in Sri Lanka with a rich bio- diversified surrounding in a serene atmosphere giving the visitor a once in a life time experience of novel water and amusement activities.We commenced operations on the 27th March 2006 and we have operated the park for 03 years. At present we have 08 amusement Rides , Log Flume which is a combination of amusement & water related activity and 04 pools & 10 slides in the water area.In addition to the above activities we have introduced many more activities such as the Game Arcade with over 20 different latest items from car racing, Motor cycle racing to Action and Fun games which could be experienced by both young and old.Bumper cars are another new item we have added recently. In the water area we have introduced 06 more slides called the 'Aqua Trail" which consists of 02 tunnel type of slides for the 1st time in Sri Lanka.

Leisure world inaugurated its tropical rain forest, where 50 species of what is in existence at Singharaja Forest has been introduced as a Model.This forest is created with the intension of educating and inculcating the value of protecting flora
Our package details are as follows,
Entrance Fee - Rs 230/- per person (Kids below 03 feet entrance and activities are Free- of charge)
Package A - (Total Package) - Rs. 1,750/- per person
08 Amusement Rides - Swing Around / UFO / Super Swinger / Crescent Swing / Happy Express / Space Ship / Junior Coaster / Pirate Ship/ Log Flume
Water Area Activities - (04 Pools) - Wave Pool / Lazy River / Kiddies Pool with slides / Pool exclusively for ladies
(05 Slides) - (Multi Lane / Thunder Cruise / Crazy Cruise / Octopus and Aqua Trail)
(****Nylon swim wear is compulsory when using the pools)
Package B - Rs. 1,100/- per person
Water Ride activities only
04 Pools - (Wave pool, Lazy River, Kiddies Pool with slides, Ladies Pool)
05 slides - (Octopus, Multi Lane, Thunder Cruise, Crazy Cruise, Aqua Trail)
(****Nylon swim wear is compulsory when using the pools)
Package C - Rs. 850 /- per person
08 Amusement Rides Only
(Swing Around, UFO, Super Swinger, Crescent Swing, Happy Express, Space Ship, Junior Coaster, Pirate Ship)
Other Activities which are not included in the package-
Log Flume - Rs. 250/- per ride / Game Archade - Rs. 50/- per coin / Paddle Boat Rides - Rs. 100/- per ride / Speed Boat Rides - Rs. 150/- per ride / Bumper cars - Rs. 150/- per coin / relaxing Chairs - Rs. 100/- (Without Music), Rs. 200/- (with music), Amusement Rides per machine - Rs. 100/-
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SAM POPHAM ARBORETUM (sanctuary of tropical trees)

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Arboretum is described as the Trees and shrubs preserved for study and display.

“Ask for sam popham arboretum”. Most people in Dambulla will shrug their shoulders as this destination is known as “suddage watta”, when you travel through you will meet the man make jungle just 3 KM’ s from the town on the Kandalama road.

This arboretum is established in 1963, by a British tea planter Mr. Popum with 9-1/2 acres and the wood land 27 acre property acquired and added into the property 1989 by institute of fundamental studies. The whole property was handed over to IFS by a deed of gift. Mr Popham has converted this abounded chena cultivated land to a beautiful forest. This arboretum is home for more than 225 plants species. (7 endemic plants) The arboretum is also home to wide range of animals, birds & reptiles. A small herd of spotted dear and mouse dear has made it home here. A large number of birds such as endemic jungle fowl, gronze wings pigeon, and grey horn bill, also can be seen. This is the only arboretum to be found in the dry zone which converted by Mr. Popum using his own method called popum method. Popum method does not entertain the cultivation of a new plant. It only permits the clearance of obstacles in the plant family.
From Pophahm garden
Who is Mr. Popum.
F.H Popul (Sam) was born in 1923 and educated at Eden, Majdalene and Cambridge. He first came to Sri Lanka then Ceylon as part of the Royal Navy during the 02nd world war, he then worked as a teacher in England and in Egypt and later came back to Sri Lanka in 1962 as a tea planter, he has no formal cultural qualifications but has been motivated by and abiding interest in of tree lovers. In 1992 he has devoted the first lanka conservation award, in recognition of his work in Dambulla. In 1995 he has nominated for the prestigious United Nations (SASAKAWA environmental prize) by the Ministry of Environment. The nomination has been accompanished by several letter of recommendations. In 1999 mr. Popum retired went up to his home land. Before he handed over this land to the present manager Mr. J. Amarasinghe to protect and look after the property till the new management takes over.
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Ancient City of Polonnaruwa - UNESCO World Heritage Centre පොලොන්නරුව

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Polonnaruwa period is the most prosperous era sri lanka ever had in its annuls. Polonnaruwa replaced Anuradhapura as the capital city of Sri Lanka, Because of the invasion of south India. It was the capital of Sri Lanka from 11 AD to 13
Today the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned Archeological relic sites in the country. During the 11th – 13th AD, number of 7'and 16 story buildings were put up and also rice the main agricultural product was exported to foreign countries either.
The sanchare team was able to cover gal vihara of polonnaruwa, the hidden ruins, suwasthika pond thiwanka pilimage, and incredible buildings without foundation, shiiva devalaya and etc. A whole lot of photo graphs are displayed in this site and if you wish to view our album please click on the slides displayed on the top of the page.
The best time to visit polonnaruwa is the period after the monsoon, while the greenery season turned on

Passikuda and Kallkuda-පාසිකුඩා සහ කල්කුඩා

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Sri lanka’s most perfect pristine beaches are on its east coast. Its assets include wide endless expanses
Silky white sands, shallow jewel-blue. Surf enchanting bays. Sweeping harbors sleepy lagoons, vest underwater coral meadows and plentiful bird-life, the choicest of beaches are at pasekuda and kalkuda
It’s a famous swimming point, 30 km from Batticaloa and 60km from Valachchanai
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