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Sanchare' was talented enough to receive The Presidential award for a consecutive period of 3 years. Without Ur helping hands i don't think v must have not succeeded the dream. Thanks you very much for making sanchare the No 1 programme.
- Nade Gura & D Nade -

KATARAGAMA SEASONAL SUPPLIMENT -kataragama athramaga- කතරගම අතරමග

There are two pathways to reach Kataragama during this festive season.
The very first comfortable pathways is when you travel though the Country side;From Colombo –drive through to Ratnapura and then reach Kataragama.
Secondly via the beach side; travel through the seaside from
Colombo - Galle- Matara and then easily reach Kataragama
From lunugamwehera

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Anawilundawa Bird Sanctuary

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The Anawilundawa wetland sanctuary is located between the coast and the Chilaw (10km)Puttalam railway line, in the Puttalam District of the North western province of Sri Lanka and covers an extent of 1400 hectares. From Chilaw Puttlam road, you will find a junction named anavirundawa. From that end if you have to travel through, then you will reach the anavirundawa bird watching site

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In recent times Sri Lanka is well known as a paradise for tourists. But have you ever thought which the first tourist attraction of this splendid island was. It was Kalpitiya which became first tourism location with the arrival of" Iban Bathutha" centuries ago.

Yapahuwa Rock Fortress

You might have seen the ‘goggle-eyed lions’ either at the Independence square in Colombo, or on a ten rupee note. But the first one of those lion statues is still there at Yapahuwa Rock Fortress.

Yapahuwa is an ancient Rock Fortress built by king Buhwanekabha at the beginning of the Yapahuwa era in Sri Lankan history. King Buhwanekabha built this rock Fortress in 1272, in order to transfer the capital to Yapahuwa from Polonnaruwa in the face of marauding Dravidian invasions from South India, bringing the Sacred Tooth Relic with him. But following the death of King Bhuvenakabha in 1284, the South Indians invaded Sri Lanka once again, and succeeded in capturing Sacred Tooth Relic too. Following its capture, Yapahuwa was largely abandoned & inhabited by Buddhist monks & religious ascetics..

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Maduwanwela Walawwa-මඩුවන්වෙල වලව්ව

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If you are interested in discovering about noble families in the history of Sri Lanka, Maduwanwela Walawwa is a place which you must visit in your life. Maduwanwela Walawwa was the official residence of Maduwanwela family. It was built by “Maduwanwela Maha Disawe” after facing a strange experience at that place (when he went on hunting one day he has seen a rabbit was chased by a fox. But all of a sudden, the rabbit has started chasing the fox. Supposing that it was a victorious place, he has built his mansion at the same location.)

But the most popular owner of this mansion was Wickramasinghe Wijesundara Ekanayake Abeykoon Mudiyanse Ralahamilage Sir James Williams Maduwanwela who was known as Maduwanwela Disawe, even among British rulers. Sir Francis Molamure became the owner of this mansion after the inherits of Maduwanwela family. Construction work of this huge mansion was started in 1700 and was completed in 1905. This place consisted of 121 rooms and 21 central gardens during its glorious era, though 43 rooms and 7 central gardens only remains at present.

When you enter this great mansion, you will find that it has very low door frames at each entrance. So when the British Agents visit this place, they had to bow their heads to enter this house which meant to honour the Disawe.

Once you enter this place you will be able to see several significant places. One of this mansion’s central gardens has been beautified by tiles (taken from breaking Dutch plates). At one end of this garden, there is a tile of Queen Victoria placed on floor, which is supposed to be treaded unknowingly. According to the archaeologists, there has been a secret upper floor (attic) which enables some one to move over each room secretly. Most of the rooms of the mansion have many similar characteristics, though they differ from each other by fewer aspects
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A separate Pirith Mandapa, shrine room, machine room, living room, dining hall for nobles, court hall also still remains there to be seen. The lively portrait of the Disawe in the living room is a special one which makes you to think that Disawe looks at you, from whatever the direction or angle you face the picture.

The water management system of the mansion has been based on a special well (Kumbuke Linda) which releases water with a high pressure.

If you need to visit this mansion with historical value, firstly you will have to get to Pelmadulla, from Rathnapura. Then get to Madampe junction, which leads you to Rakwana. Then get to Sooriyakanda to Kolonna Maduwanwela. It is a place really worth visiting as it depicts a grand picture about the nobles in our history.
විජේසේකර මුදියන්සේලාගේ මඩුවන්වෙල දිසාවේ නම් මහා ක`ඵ සිංහලයා වාසය කළ මේ මහ මන්දිරය අධිරාජ්‍යවාදීන් හමුවේත් රට ගැන හැ`ගීමකින් ඔවුන්ටම වැඩ කළ අභීත ලාංකිකයකුගේ සුඛිත මුදිත ජීවිතය පිළිබඳ අපට සාධක සපයන මධ්‍යස්ථානයකි. ඇඹිලිපිටියේ පිහිටි මඩුවන්වෙල වලව්ව ඔබ එක්වරක් හෝ යා යුතුම ස්ථානයකි. ඒ ගමනේදී මෙවැනිම අභීත නායකයකු ලෙස අපේ මතකයේ සිටින පනාමුරේ ඇත් රාජා සිහි කරවන පනාමුරේ ඇත්ගාලද නෙතට හසු කර ගන්න අමතක නොකරන්න.

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