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In recent times Sri Lanka is well known as a paradise for tourists. But have you ever thought which the first tourist attraction of this splendid island was. It was Kalpitiya which became first tourism location with the arrival of" Iban Bathutha" centuries ago.

The lagoon and Kalpitiya beach are the most significant tourist attractions for nature lovers, which can be seen in the area. Kalpitiya beach is also considered as one of the most beauteous beaches in Sri Lanka (or even in the world). That’s why Manjula Wediwardane has penned such a gorgeous description on Kalpitiya beach in his famous novel ‘Battalangunduwa’.

Kalpitiya lagoon consists of more than 14 islands, out of which Battalangunduwa is a significant one. Some of these islands are inhibited by humans while several others are isolated completely. But few of these islands are used for various purposes, only in a certain period of the year. In most of these islands you will be able to see the heavy growth of mangrove, as the soil contains all the necessary qualities for its growth. Due to these mangroves migrant birds can be seen all over the area during the migrating season.

There’s a coral reef beneath the sea of Kalpitiya, by which few of the islands have been created. According to scientists this reef is inhibited by various sea creatures including ‘sea pigs’, which gives the reef a high extent of bio diversity.

You will have a chance to go on a boat trip from Kaththakudiya in Kalpitiya, to see ''DOLPHINS''. It said that Kalpitiya Sea is the best area to see dolphins in Sri Lanka (as the deep sea is much nearer to the coast than any other location).

Kalpitiya is also enriched by several sites with an archaeological value.

The Dutch fortress is one such an important place, which was built by Dutch rulers in 1600s. Dutch church, Rose Bank and Koodu palliya (another church) are among other famous Dutch buildings, which reveal the Sri Lankan history. The ‘Allirani palace ‘in Kalpitiya is considered as a building created to memorize Kuweni’s sister.

Kalpitiya is also very famous for crabs and prawns as well as dried fish which consist of special qualities and a taste. Drying fish is an industry widely spread among the inhabitants too. (They use a special method during the process).

So it is worth while to go on a trip to Kalpitiya during your next vacation as it gives you a bunch of experiences on various subjects, which you won’t have from anywhere else in the country.-Dilan Dharshana-
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