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Sanchare' was talented enough to receive The Presidential award for a consecutive period of 3 years. Without Ur helping hands i don't think v must have not succeeded the dream. Thanks you very much for making sanchare the No 1 programme.
- Nade Gura & D Nade -

Madunagala Hot Springs

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Madunagala Hot Springs is a wonderful creation of nature in all its natural beauty. Historically, these hot springs flowed into a natural water hole which has become the most attracted tourist destination in the island of the southern province. This is monitored and controlled by the Southern Province Tourism Board. Changing rooms, western toilets and small shops with snacks and beverages are close by to the destination as benefits for the visitors. Special indigenous ayurvedic drinks such as “Belimal” and “Ranawara” and “traditional rice meals” from the ancient rice variety “heenati”, Kalu heenati” “suwandal” are available as local treats worth trying.
Further details could be obtained from Southern Province Tourism Board.Cabanas are available on call booking on 0714808029

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