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Jaffna Trip 03 -Out Of The Town

POINT PADRO , பருத்தித்துறை, පේදුරු තුඩුව

The point Pedro is at 432 Km distance from point Donra and most people coming to Jaffna and visiting Nagadeepa and Nallur kovil, like to visit point Pedro as well. Many of them like to take photographs at this beautiful place.

Dambakola Patuna

A text saying, "Lankeshwara Narendra, uttering merry words, got in to water with the people belonging to 16 different castes, bearing the maha bodhi on his head…" can be seen near the 'bodhi' at the entrance to Dambakola Patuna. The wonderful white sandy beach with dents in Dambakola Patuna is added more beauty by the bays making their way in to the land. Dambakola Patuna with its beautiful beach is a most suitable for anyone coming from India or any other country to land in and for us Sri Lankans it is an important place as it was here that Theri Sangamiththa landed in with the Sri Maha Bodhi plant. So it wouldn’t be wrong to call Dambakolapatuna the place through where Buddhism came to Sri Lanka.


The Keerimalai pond is situated in Keerimalai devala premises. The two ponds known as Keerimalai pond are just a few feet away from the sea but contain fresh water and even more surprisingly the water in these two ponds are blue in colour. There's a belief that it is the wall that separates the ponds from the sea that keeps their water fresh. The word 'Kiramalei' means the mountain of mongoose ('Kira' meaning mongoose and 'Malei' meaning the mountain)

According to the legend, a prince and a princess came to Sri Lanka from India and when they landed here their faces had turned to horse and mongoose faces as the result of a curse of gods. Later the prince's face had become normal again in the place called "Mawattapuram" while the princess' face turned normal after she bathed from the " Keerimalai" pond. The devala was later raised in respect of this miracle. The Hindus venerate this place with great respect and they float the ash of their cremated relatives in the sea near the pond. As they believe that the water in these ponds have the power to rejuvenate the old people and fertilize the infertile people. They venerate the ponds with such respect that some of the devotees can be seen worshipping the water as they get in to water. The Kiramalei pond was last repaired in 1969.

From jaffna out of the town

Kadurugoda temple
Route- if coming from Kiramalei, you have to turn to left from the 'Chunnakam' junction and go toward 'Sankani' to see the 'Kadurugoda' temple which is better known in the area as 'Kandarodei'.
According to the past records, there had been 60 stupas in this temple. The 60 stupas had been built to place the ash of 60 arhath theros from 'Punkudativ'. The Department of Archeology has found 56 of the stupas so far and thus the Kadurugoda temple bears a significant historical importance due to these archeological factors.

The well with no bottom.

The well with no bottom is situated in the Point Pedro- Puthur road and the well is so called because its bottom has not been discovered yet by any. There is a belief that the 'Kiramalei' pond is connected to this well beneath the ground. It is believed so as a lime, put in to this well once, had come up from the Kiramalei pond.

Casuarina beach
The beautiful shallow beach with sand was an extremely popular destination before the war. Paying just Rs 500, you can go on a boat ride in the sea near Casuarina beach.

Few of the places you can visit in Jaffna
Welikandu, Kodikaman kovil, Vallipuram stone inscription, Hanuman kovil are a few of the most popular sites in Jaffna. You can have accommodation facility at the rest house at Naga Viharaya. A single room can be taken at a price between Rs 300 to Rs 500 while a double room can be taken at Rs 750. In addition to that, there are several other places you can select to for accommodation.

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