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Planetarium sri lanka

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Our Planetarium exhibiting the grandeur of the Universe Our Planetarium was a special feature of the Industry Exhibition held in the year 1965. It is administrated by the Ministry of Science & Technology. State Engineering Corporation. It was designed by Dr. A.N.S.Kulasinghe. The inner dome of the Planetarium was constructed by German Engineers. The main projector was from East Germany. In 1999 a mobile Planetarium, extra projectors and Audio & Video systems were donated by the Japanese Government,The Planetarium located in the Old Race Course, Colombo is housed in a concrete building having

interior bent pillars and rising upward nearly 100 feet from the ground resembles a bloomed flower of a unique formation. Planetarium is located at the Stanley Wijesundara Mawatha, Colombo 7.

There are 570 seats at the planetarium. You can able to see the night sky as seen from any place on the earth such as northern pole or southern pole and the night sky 25,000 years ago or up to 25,000 years in the future. Apart from these you can see solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, moon phases, comets etc.

At the planetarium you have the opportunity to see the mid night sun as visible from a country located in the Antarctic Circle. In addition to the items mentioned earlier, various other shows can be produced under the following subject areas

1. A journey through the Solar System 2. Space journey to other planets. 3. Zodiacal constellations 4. Comets, asteroids and artificial satellites 5. Earth’s moon and its influence 6. Star Constellations 7. The seasons of the earth 8. Various types of earth movement 9. How the planets are assigned to Zodiacal sign 10. New findings of astronomy. The Planetarium is closed on Sundays, Mondays & on public holidays. Week days (Mon- Fri) shows are mainly for school students according to their school curriculums and public can visit on Saturdays.An advanced booking (one month) is essential for the planetarium shows. Minimum number of spectators is 50 for each show. If the spectators are below 50 available shows is only on Saturday at 10.00 a.m.For English or Tamil shows the booking should be made 6 weeks in advanced.

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